Joe Skrivan Custom Frame Services
Custom frames:  All bicycle frames are built to the riders specifications  Road race, track, touring, tandems, mountain bikes, 29ers, fixies are all available in lugged and fillet-brazed configurations.

Lugged, silver brazed road frame in all steel starts at $1450.  Everything is custom, so we'd have to work together on meeting your goals of balancing quality, cost, timing.

Fillet brazed steel frames start at $1200.

Lugged Track frames start at $1200.

Custom Fork:  starts at $300

Everything is negotiable, of course.  I just like building frames that will be used.

Repairs:  Any steel frame can be repaired.  Shop time is $75.00 per hour, plus materials.
Repaints:  Any bicycle can be refinished in any color scheme desired.  I like to get the frame already stripped and then I'll prep it and spray the colors and clears.  Repaints start at $150.
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