shop tour of the equipment will be posted here, eventually.
While i have the chance to spray:

I build bicycles that are strong.  They ride straight and handle right.  If you're riding, climbing, or racing and doubt the performance of your bicycle, you'll be held back.   If you  saved a few bucks or shaved a 1/2 pound but now suffer from the dreaded fear that your bike can't out-perform you, then you and your "partner" are not well matched.  A new bicycle choice is a big sure your needs are well defined and then met.

I build mostly steel bikes.  A bicycle frame should be lively and it should give back what you put into it.  Think about a 'spring', like the coils in your car's suspension.  steel.  The resilience of steel is still unmatched---on a bike frame, you put the power in and the frame responds equally without a damping effect.  You can feel the road and dive into corners with greater confidence.  When you accelerate---the 'keel' of the frame should be responding immediately.  Try it.  If you feel your current bicycle hesitates or feels mushy, try one of mine.  

​Finally, although I insist that strength, stability and alignment are the primary design and performance criterea, the aesthetic content of a finely crafted bicycle is important as well.  The attention to detail and craftsmanship will show as much on the outside of the frame as it will beneath the paint, under the lugs, and below the thin layer of silver brazing material....a great paintjob never won a race, but having a bicycle that you're proud of will keep you riding more and probably make it more enjoyable.